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As a Licensed Wedding Officiant located on Long Island, I VOW to listen to your wants and needs and…. After I submit the finalized written ceremony to the both of you I VOW that it will capture “the essence” of your love as you have envisioned. I VOW to creatively intertwine any rituals, prayers, poems, music and readings into your ceremony or we can create a new one together! After we meet and you have made the decision to book my services, I VOW to be available to you with any questions you have, either by phone, text or email. I VOW to be at your ceremony one hour before start time with a calm presence to help with any issues that might arise. I VOW to work with all your vendors in a professional and amicable manner. And, last but not least, I VOW to happily and wholeheartedly marry you and to remember “your love story” with a smile in my heart! You can also view me on Wedding Wire Here.


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Denise Drapkin: Personalized wedding ceremony's

I’m a wedding officiant that is truly lucky to be performing the work I do. Every ceremony is absolutely heartwarming. It’s such a joy to take part in this sacred rite and unite two people together under their love for each other. I love being a part of every ceremony I attend as a Long Island wedding officiant. Each one has left a lasting impression on me and I truly consider this line of work to be a privilege. With many of the couples I work with, I feel a deep connection that makes me feel appreciative of all the forms of love in my life.

Moreover, I have received extremely positive reviews from clients who have chosen me as their officiant. They often praise me for the personal approach I take with them and how unique their ceremony was. I am here to help make your special day truly unforgettable for decades to come when I perform my services on Long Island. My ceremonies are carefully crafted to every single individual couple.
What sets me apart as an officiant, in comparison with other wedding professionals, is that I truly “wed all.” I’m more than happy to marry gay couples, couples that practice different religions, and many more.

At every ceremony, I’m overjoyed to join another loving couple in marriage. I’m able to feel the impact they experience from this life changing experience and appreciate the intense feelings they’ll continue to hold year after year.

Careful preparation goes into everything I do. In addition to being at your ceremony an hour before it begins, I always carry an appropriate appearance for any occasion with robes, pants, skirts, or whatever you would prefer. Every ceremony is carried out as a unique work of art that takes every detail into consideration; you, your spouse, and your family members will have a long lasting impression of how truly touching your ceremony is.

I work closely with all the necessary parties in a professional manner. My main goal is to see the love that each couple has for each other, as well as the love their families have for them and their bond. I look forward to meeting with you personally and discussing everything I’m capable of doing for you!


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As the couple I marry looks into each others eyes and speaks their vows that bind them together in marriage..

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  • Nicolette and Jonathan Robles New York

    Denise was perfect from the first officiant for us from the start! She really listens to all your needs. We only conversed for a short while and she made the ceremony so personal! We had an instant connection with her. Couldn't have asked for a better job especially on a short notice. I highly recommend her; she does ceremonies for religious and non-religious, and can make your vows more personal than the tradition vows!