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Why “I Do”

A handsome senior couple in love.  He's giving her a rose.  A hearing aid is visible in her ear.

A handsome senior couple in love. He’s giving her a rose. A hearing aid is visible in her ear.

THE IMPACT! Let me explain:

First and foremost, as the couple I marry looks into each other’s eyes, hearts, and souls and speaks their vows that bind them together in marriage, they tell me that because they had carte blanche in the decisions and creation of their ceremony that it definitely IMPACTED them in a unique way.

Then each year as they repeat their vows from the ceremony booklet that I provide to them as part of their package they feel REIMPACTED, and recommitted to the issues that they are currently dealing with in their marriage.

Secondly, their family and friends feel IMPACTED witnessing this unique ceremony that showcases their customized vows and rituals. They feel very connected to the couple and are truly heart warmed by what they have witnessed.

And lastly, I am always profoundly IMPACTED by each and every ceremony I perform. It reaffirms to me how privileged I am to perform this sacred rite, a rite that a very small percentage of people have performed over thousands of years in time.

Love is the most precious of all emotions, and I walk away each time with a glow in my heart, loving my husband more, life more, and truly knowing that I love what “I DO.”

I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you both so that you too can feel THE IMPACT.

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